Will You Help Us Share the Light?


Rejoice! The light of Christ continues to shine even in today’s increasingly darkened world. And in this season of celebration, I want to thank you for helping Priority share His light with women as we:

•     Teach God’s Word at events and retreats and encourage women to give Him priority.
•     Disciple women and girls to know and grow in Christ through Priority Bible Studies.
•     Provide 24/7 spiritual encouragement through Priority’s blog, Front Porch Friday teaching videos, and our YouTube channel.

But did you know that every week, God opens unique doors for us to share the light of Christ with others right here in the Priority office? Here are just a few examples from a recent week:

•     A young woman from Australia discovered our YouTube channel, watched our videos, and contacted me desiring to become a Christian and grow in Christ.
•     An older woman from Nigeria seeking God’s direction for her life, called our office and I had the joy of sharing the light and wisdom of God’s Word with her.
•     A dear husband left an encouraging message on our answering machine to thank us for the Beauty by The Book Bible study his wife was using and to let us know what a blessing it was to both of them.

Your support for Priority enables us to seize every opportunity God gives us to share Jesus, the Light of the World, with others. That’s why I’m asking you this: Will you help us continue to share His light by making a generous year-end donation to Priority?

Thank you in advance for your gift and support for Priority and thank you, most of all, for sharing the light of Christ with others.

With love and gratitude to God for you at Christmas,




Give Now. Share the Light