Laurie’s Teaching Topics

Laurie’s Teaching Topics

These are Laurie’s newest and most requested speaking topics. Each can be taught as a single message or as a series of two or three messages. Fill-in-the-blank handouts are also available upon request.

Laurie can also adapt any of these topics to your event and theme, or she can create something new for your specific event, group, or topic.

Newest Topics
“Blessed is the [woman] who trusts in the Lord” (Jere. 3:17). Become the strong woman of faith you want to be by learning the principles of The Blessed Life. Experience the joy of God’s blessing upon your life in a beautiful new way.
Prayer Makeover
Enjoy a more confident, powerful prayer life and (best of all) a more intimate relationship with God. Discover the myths that paralyze your prayer life and the truth that will set you free.
7 Mentors You Must Meet
Meet seven spiritual role models from the pages of God’s Word whose lives will enrich and encourage you. These seven women will mentor and teach you the basic characteristics of becoming a mature, godly woman – and a spiritual role model yourself.
Do it Afraid
Good news! You don’t have to feel strong and courageous to be strong and courageous. Discover how to overcome fear and worry and do anything God wants you to – even when you’re afraid.
If I’d Known Then…
Wise women learn from the mistakes of others. Discover the most significant lessons Laurie’s learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

Other Popular Topics
Beauty by The Book
Discover the dos and don’ts of Biblical beauty in this practical, female friendly study of the five females from Proverbs. Find out how you can become a biblically beautiful woman at any age! CD series available.
Beauty by The Book for Mothers & Daughters
Gather moms and daughters for an unforgettable event where they will discover the dos and don’ts of biblical beauty together!
Become the consistent, contented woman you’ve always wanted to be by discovering the four primary seasons of life. Women of all ages will gain wisdom to navigate through life’s ups and downs and experience joy, meaning, and purpose in every season.   CD series available.
“Follow Me.” Those two simple words spoken by Jesus are, in truth, the invitation of a lifetime. Discover how to say yes to a life beyond Christianity and become His disciple.
We Have a Latte in Common
Pour yourself some coffee and pull up a chair for a warm, personal, and fun look at what the Bible says about friendship!  This message includes the 4 essentials of enduring friendship and traits of true friendship.
You Glo Girl!
You are God’s temple, and you have the supernatural ability to glo — to reflect the very glory of God. Discover the biblical principles that will enable you to glorify God in your everyday life. CD series available.
Warrior Princess: Join the Battle
Because you belong to Christ, you possess all the power you need to battle your enem. And win. Discover the knowledge you need, the weapons you have, and the victory that is yours. DVD series available.
Who is Grace, and How Do I Find Her?
Grace loves you when you’re unlovable, pulls you out of the pit when you’re pitiful, and strengthens you when you’re struggling. Get to know Grace in this encouraging, grace-filled teaching series. CD series available.
Balancing Life God’s Way
Go from stressed to blessed by learning how to balance your life God’s way. CD series available.
First Love
Take your relationship with the Lord to the next level by learning how to love Him the way you’ve always wanted to: with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. CD series available.

Perfect for Holiday & Christmas Events
More Precious Than Gold
The six priceless gifts God has given us that we can give to others – especially at Christmas.
Simply Christmas
Simple ways to celebrate, stay sane, and (most importantly) keep the focus on Christ at Christmas.
More Blessing, Less Stressing
Enjoying the season by choosing to be blessed not stressed.

Ideal for Single Session Events
5 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Funky
Ever feel a little funky? You know, blah, bland, and maybe even just a little bit blue? Discover 5 ways to fight the funk and beat the blues in this practical, biblical (and super fun) message from Laurie.
How To Live Above Your Hormones
Discover the normal challenges women face in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, and – even better – how to live above normal at every age and stage of life in this practical, fun message.
Confessions of a Reformed People Pleaser
Being a people pleaser is exhausting. But pleasing God is liberating. Find out how Laurie got liberated, and you can, too!