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Welcome Back!

Ladies, it’s that time – our last week studying biblical beauty together. I hope you have had as much fun and have learned as much as I have over the past six weeks! It has been a blast and a blessing!

I know you are wondering about the logistics of ending the study and receiving your Beauty by the Book charm. Don’t worry – I’ll cover all of that at the end of this post. For now though, let’s not rush to the end too quickly. There’s a lot of wisdom in this week’s lesson, so let’s give it the attention it deserves!

Week Six Video: The Ideal Woman

I think Laurie saved the best for last, don’t you? I loved studying the Ideal Woman this week, and I walked away feeling encouraged instead of intimidated (which is how I used to feel when P31 was mentioned!) I’m almost sad to say it, but it’s time for us to watch our last video together! Let’s savor the moment and hear Laurie teach us our final lesson on becoming biblically beautiful women!  (Click one of the images below for this week’s FREE online video lesson).

Beauty by the Book: Week Six (The Ideal Woman) – Listening Guide: Pg. 129


Beauty by the Book for Teens: Week Five (The Captivating Woman) – Listening Guide: Pg. 125



Confession time: There was a time when I was not fond of the P31 Woman. Not one little bit. Any time someone said, “Let’s turn to Proverbs, chapter 31,” I found myself doing the Christian-version of rolling my eyes: you know, the nostril flair. (Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s that ever-so-subtle flair of the nostrils that sometimes occurs when you’re trying to be holy and righteous and not roll your eyes in church – and you know you’ve done it before too!)

It wasn’t until I stumbled across a book by Nancy Kennedy several years ago that my attitude began to change. The title of the book says it all: Help, I’m Being Intimidated by the Proverbs Thirty-One Woman: My Battles with a Role Model Who’s Larger than Life.

The good news is that this book is out of print, so you can probably find some copies for uber-cheap online or at used book stores. The great news is that Nancy has an updated version of this wonder-book available with a new cover and a new name:  When Perfect Isn’t Enough: How I Conquered My Fear of the Proverbs 31 Woman. If you want an honest, and hilarious, look at “Mrs. P,” I highly recommend this book! Just check out this excerpt from the Introduction:

Dear Mrs. Proverbs Thirty-One Woman,

I must confess, I never really thought much about you until recently. To be honest, I’ve always tried to avoid you. Please don’t take this personally – I’m sure you’re a lovely woman. I mean, your husband praises you, and your children rise up and call you blessed, and all…

What I want to know is, how do you do it?…

Frankly, I find your list of daily activities rather intimidating. I wish I could do everything you do (with the exception of holding a distaff and grasping a spindle – mainly because I don’t know what they are), but I don’t see how I could possibly squeeze one more thing into my already busy schedule…

We should really get together someday. Perhaps on a day when you’re not out selecting wool and flax…

Maybe you could give me some tips…

But, while Nancy’s book helped me come to a point where I could finally read P31 without flaring my nostrils, this week’s lesson took my relationship with Mrs. P to a whole new level. Before now, it never sunk in that P31 is a panoramic view of one woman’s lifenot a summary of her day! Praise God, there’s hope for me yet!

My goal is no longer to have the perfect Proverbs 31 day – a day in which I rise before dawn, run myself crazy with activity, and don’t let my head touch the pillow until I’ve had quality time with my husband, my kids and God. I am now repeating Laurie’s mantra over and over again in my head – I. Am. Becoming.

One day may look completely different from another. There will be times when I turn on the TV for the kids so I can get work done. But there will also be times when I blow off work for a day and take my kids to the zoo instead. There may be days when I’m doing good to spend five minutes with God. But there will be other times when I escape for a weekend retreat to renew and refresh my soul.

Everything the Proverbs 31 Woman is and does is important. But it doesn’t all have to be done each day. The goal is to have a P31 life! And that, with God’s help, we can do!

Let’s Chat!

In the comments, answer one or more of the following discussion questions: (Remember, answer a “Let’s Chat” question every week and you’ll receive a beautiful Beauty by the Book charm at the end of our study!)


  1. Whether you’re a Messie or a Cleanie, how did God speak to you about the condition of your house through your study?
    1. If you still live with your parents, what are you doing today to help around your home? What homekeeping skills do you need to learn and practice in order to take care of your own home someday?
    2. If you run your own home now, what changes do you need to make to become a Successful Average Housekeeper?
  2. In this season of your life, who is God primarily calling you to reach and teach?
  3. What are some practical, everyday ways you can minister to those outside your family in word and deed?

How to receive your Beauty by the Book charm:

  1. Be sure you have answered at least one “Let’s Chat” question in the comments of each week’s post. (We’re working on the honor system here. You’ve just spent six weeks studying biblical beauty; I’m going to trust you on this one!) :-)
  2. Click here  to take our anonymous online survey so we can consider your feedback when planning future studies.
  3. When you have done the two steps above, email me (emily@priorityministries.com) with the following:
    1. Subject of email: online study
    2. Your first name, last name and home address. (This is where we will mail your charm).
    3. (Optional) A two- or three-sentence endorsement about Beauty by the Book or Beauty by the Book for Teens that we could use in future promotional materials. (please specify which study).

Important: I must receive your information by March 31, 2012 in order for you to receive your charm. I know some of you are behind by a few weeks and that’s okay. But for logistical purposes, we have to have a deadline. (Please allow a few weeks to receive your charm.)

Parting Words

Thank you, thank you for joining me on this journey towards biblical beauty! I feel like all of us have learned so much and have grown much closer over the past few weeks! I know we’ll do another online study [sometime] in the future, but you ladies will always hold a special place in my heart as the members of our very first Glo Girl Blog online small group! I wish I could hug each of you in person!

But remember, just because this study is over doesn’t mean you need to be a stranger! We have some more exciting things coming up in March on the Glo Girl Blog including a five-week Front Porch Friday video series that Laurie is starting this Friday called, If I’d Known Then, and an original series I’ll be announcing on Thursday called, Going to the Mountains.

Don’t let your journey towards biblical beauty stop just because this study is over. We want to continue to encourage and equip you to give God glory and priority in your everyday life – right here on the Glo Girl Blog! Love you girls!

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22 comments on “Beauty by the Book: Online Study – Week Six

    In this season of my life, I believe God is calling me to minister to my friends and a few of my single female cousins. Over these past few weeks of study, I’ve been convicted many times of my attitudes, my communication with others and just how I go about my day. I have also paid more attention to how my friends and cousins act and realize that I need to set an example before them instead of pointing a finger. I know this is going to be difficult, but I also know that the difficulty will be worth it. I have saved each video to my computer and plan to start over tomorrow and repeat this study over the next 6 weeks.

    The best part of this study for me is learning to hear from the Holy Spirit more. Feeling those little nudges when I’m about to say or do something ungodly and also feeling happy when I’ve conducted myself in a Biblically beautiful way. It is great know that I am “becoming”. As Joyce Meyer says…I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. And, thank God for Ms. Laurie and this Bible Study, I’m on my way to becoming a Biblically beautiful woman and Lord willing…my friends and cousins will join me. God Bless!!!!!

    Andrea Nelson says:

    Thank you Deborah! I read your post and it was so encouraging to me!!! Andrea Nelson

    Thanks Andrea. Feels great to know that I can pass encouragement to another sister in Christ. I will pray for you. God bless!

    Emily Ryan says:

    That’s awesome, Deborah! I have several female cousins I’d love to invest in more too. Thanks for the reminder, and glad you’re not letting your journey towards biblical beauty end any time soon!

    Pamela D says:

    Thank you having this study….I believe the Lord is calling me to reach out to my grandchildren and take them to church. It may be hard to get in the routine, but the benefits in the end will be grand. I will be checking back for future studies…Emily you did an awesome job of leading this group and Laurie you did an awesome job writing the study. Be Blessed Ladies!

    Emily Ryan says:

    Thanks, Pamela! Prayers for your grandkiddos. And I’m so glad you joined us over the past six weeks!

    Jackey Ny says:

    In this season of life, I believe God is calling me to reach out to my friends who have walked away strayed away from God and His words. To spend more time with them and encourage them that they can always come back to God because He will always have open arms for them to return even though they feel they cannot return because of whatever sin(s) they committed. I just have to have the attitude and willingness to encourage them to. I know I have to continue to walk in God’s way and be an example of the greatness God has blessed my life with, and to show my friends that God loves us no matter what and He will always have open arms for us to come to him and/or return to him.

    Emily, thanks so much for leading this group! I have really enjoyed it; and Laurie, I love this study. Thanks so much for writing it and sharing it online! I have truly loved it and have downloaded the videos to look over it again!<3

    Emily Ryan says:

    That’s a great idea, Jackey. So glad you joined us!

    Andrea Nelson says:

    Wow!! I have learned so much from this study! Thank you Emily for guiding us and sending feedback for us each week! Thank you Laurie for this study!
    I believe God is calling me to reach out to my own family and co workers! I didn’t realize how important it is to filter all of my words through the Holy Spirit! If I don’t get the prompting, maybe it is not meant to be said! We all know its not what we say, but how we say it, BUT even more important than that, are my words uplifting and ministering to others???
    I’m blessed to work in a Christian preschool for the first time this year. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t initially realize how important my example, words, or actions are in modeling the Biblically Beautiful Woman!! There are several ladies that are in different places in their walk. God is counting on me to mentor and model to them.
    My family will also benefit from this also!!!
    I love the feeling I get when I take the time to make the right choices and really think before I speak!!!

    Emily Ryan says:

    So true, Andrea – filter everything through the Holy Spirit! Bless you as you minister to your family and coworkers!

    Angela says:

    In this season of my life, God has called me to minister to the ladies that work under me. On the day Laurie talked about being a Titus woman, I thought who is younger than me that I can mentor. God kept calling these two women to my heart. The problem being that both of these women are older than I am. I was sayig, “God how can I be a Titus woman to them when they are older than I am?” God in His loving way revealed to me that they may be physically older, but I am spiritually older and they need my knowledge. I love these women and they mean so much to me and our ministry. I hope that God will find me faithful to the task He has given to me.

    Emily Ryan says:

    Angela, I was just thinking about that very thing last night. For some reason I was remembering when my father was first saved; there was a brief time when I was more “mature” than him, and I was only 8! But, yes, I do believe you can have a great impact on the spiritual lives of those who are older than you.

    1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

    Sheree says:

    B.If you run your own home now, what changes do you need to make to become a Successful Average Housekeeper?
    Ever since my divorce 15 years ago, I have been the head of my household. I have raised 3 children, put them through college, they are now married and out of the house, and I have a 17 year old son still living at home with me. He has been my little man of the house and has been such a blessing to me. God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed that baby boy in my arms 17 years ago. Who knew at that time that my husband would leave us for someone else (see my blog post last week if you haven’t seen it yet). So I would say that although I’m not perfect, I have been a successful housekeeper because when I look back over my life, I praise the Lord because I could NEVER have done this alone. I work a full time job and I even went back to school and completed a Master’s Degree (graduated 2009). There were times when I felt I couldn’t go on, but I pushed on for my children, and staying close to the Lord every morning seeking His guidance and wisdom for my life. When Satan thought he could bring me down, I rose above the ashes and ruin and have lived victoriously throughout the whole ugly ordeal. We are winners, when we overcome life’s circumstances and trials, because we are never alone. He walks with us. I have truly enjoyed this Bible study. I’ve been walking through it with my youngest daughter, a beautiful young married mother of a three year old beautiful baby boy, who has been going through some difficult times in her marriage. She hasn’t posted on the blog, but she is going through the Bible study and watching the videos. And we’ve been discussing the lessons. Thank you Emily for facilitating this study…you have been awesome and I have enjoyed your responses. And to Laurie for writing this study on “Beauty by the Book.” No matter what age we are, we can always use “beautification.” Many blessings to all you ladies! I wish I could meet you all in person, face to face.

    Emily Ryan says:

    Wow, Sheree, what a testimony! So glad you joined us over the past few weeks, and send our love to your daughter too!

    Karen says:

    The Lord spoke to me in this lesson about making my home, and all of my actions glorify Him. My home is clean and organized, but I could do better. I am more aware of my surroundings and the people I come in contact with. I want to be a women of influence, With my words,my actions and with how I take care of my home and family.
    Thank you for this Bible Study, I learned how to be more fruitful in my life.

    Emily Ryan says:

    Thanks Karen! Blessings to you!

    Patsy Biondo says:

    My computer crashed so I didn’t get to week six until today. How wonderful this six weeks has been for me. These women opened my eyes to become a better wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend. This study has truly been a blessing and I have recommended it to all my friends. Thank you so much Laurie for your true dedication and inspiration. I feel uplifted by the holy spirit and have been blessed. I thank God daily for bringing this study to me online and giving me the time and dedication to complete it.

    Emily Ryan says:

    And thank you for joining us!

    Jennifer says:

    How can I minister to those around me?- I try to smile at those I pass as I walk to and from my office building. When I’m in traffic and get frustrated, I am trying to do better about remembering that God loves them too and to pray for their safety. I also try to remember that people can read my emotions all over my face. Even if I’m having a hard day, I should not slump my shoulders and scowl. That’s not showing that I can do all things through Christ.

    JC says:

    #2 I help with childcare at a church. I am called to reach and teach the children who need childcare.

    shannerz says:

    I need to become better organized in my home.

    In this season of my life, I believe I need to reach out to my children. I need to show them how the Lord is working in my life and changing me, and how things can be so much better with Him in our lives.

    Marilyn Harkness says:

    My home is pretty organized and clean but I think doing the cleaning each and every week is important. I do have some piles though that I need to take care of… Right now in my life I can facilate our Ladies Bible study at my church, my children are grown and I have the time to spend and I love encouraging women to keep growing and doing what is right and good in the Lord’s sight. Thanks so much Laurie for this study it has been great.

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