Where for art thou, online study friends?

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Hello… Is this thing on?

I’m talking to YOU – all of you beautiful ladies who participated in the Glo Girl Blog’s first-ever online small group with me and studied Beauty by the Book or Beauty by the Book for Teens.

We had seven glorious weeks together, and now I miss you!

How are you doing? What’s happened in your life in the past month? Is God still using our study to teach you more about becoming biblically beautiful? I’d love to hear from you and see how you’re doing!

But also, I have another request. You’ll remember, we had over fifty of you start this study with me back in January. As usually happens, not all were able to finish. That’s to be expected. Life happens, and this email is NOT about sending anyone on a guilt trip.

But so far, I have only heard from NINE of you who let me know you finished the study and are ready for your Beauty by the Book charm! Surely there are more of you out there! I have a whole stack of charms just waiting to be mailed out, and I want to send you one too!

So, if you are one of those who got side-tracked and had to take a few weeks longer to complete the study than originally planned, will you let me know? Send me an email with the subject “Online Study” and include your name and address so I can send you a charm.

We’ll be revamping the online posts for future ladies very soon, so I want to close out our group and get ready for the next steps. Originally, I said you’d have a March 31 deadline to request your charm. But, because I love you, I’m extending the deadline to April 15.

Miss you, friends! I’ve felt a little empty ever since our study ended…

2 comments on “Where for art thou, online study friends?

    Jackey Ny says:

    Hi Emily, I am doing great after the online study of Beauty by the Book! I am continually putting God first in everything and reminding myself that I am living for God; not for others. To please God first before others in the way I dress, act and go about daily. God is still teaching me daily about living a life that is biblically beautiful. Still giving God all the glory and praise…

    Joanie says:

    Hi Emily,
    It took me longer than six weeks but I finally finished the study. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned alot about myself as I studied and found definciencies in my life that I needed Him to fix and strengths that I give Him total glory for. I thank Laurie for her commitment to teach truth and I’ve been blessed.

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