BFFs: A series about biblical friendship

BFFs: A series about friendship

by   Emily Ryan

BFFsWhat does it take for a best friend forever to become a biblical friend forever? What does biblical friendship look like anyway, and what does it take for YOU to become a true BFF?

It turns out, the Bible has lots to show us about friendship, and in this new series, we’ll be exploring the Six Characteristics of Biblical Friendship.

So email, tweet, text, call, or send smoke signals to the friends in your life and together, y’all join me for this fun, friendly series!

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Intro – BFFs: Biblical Friends Forever
Underneath the surface of Facebook “friends,” acquaintances, and everyday ordinary relationships lies the potential for a deeper level of friendship: Biblical Friends Forever!

walk walk 2

Part 1 – BFFs: Walk your walk
It may seem odd, but when talking with women about BFFs, one of the best places to start is by looking at a timeless example of friendship between two men. More >>

BFFs-talk your talk Part 2 – BFFs: Talk your talk
C.S. Lewis once said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'” When I say that BFFs talk your talk, what I mean is that they are in the same stage of life as you. More >>
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Part 3 – BFFs: Hold your hand
Sometimes, it’s easy, this thing called life. You don’t need anyone or anything to help you. Then, about a minute later, you feel the weight of life and realize it’s a lot harder than it looks. A little help would be nice after all. More >>

BFFs - carry your mat

Part 4 – BFFs: Carry your mat
They’re considered to be minor characters, really, but to their paralyzed friend confined to a small mat, there was nothing minor about them. More >>

Couple with moving boxes.

Part 5 – Bffs: Share your load
Years ago, I was very convicted about something specific about my prayer life. I caught myself telling someone, “I’ll pray for you,” knowing full well that I probably wouldn’t. How hypocritical. More >>


Part 6 – BFFs: Complete your circle
Don’t be so eager to invite people into your inner circle. It is sacred and it it holy. And these relationships, when they do come, are to be cherished and protected. More >>

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Part 7 – BFFs: Who are yours?
Where would you be without your BFFs? Tell us about them! More >>

5 comments on “BFFs: A series about biblical friendship' Lesa Fletcher says:

    I’m a women’s ministry leader and interested in using the BFF series for a study. Is there any way I may print the entire blog without jumping around the site?
    Thanks, Lesa

    Emily E. Ryan says:

    Lesa, I’m so glad you are interested in using BFFs for your church! Blessings to you and your ladies!
    While you will have to print each individual post itself, if you start with the Intro, links to the entire series appear at the end of each post, so hopefully you will avoid having to jump around a lot. Hope that helps, but if not, let me know! Thanks!' Tina says:

    I am in a very difficult place. I want to help my daughter with her friend issues but how? We moved to another province for work and so friends are scarce for her. We attend a church where she has cousins and numerous friends now however, her cousin and her are at opposite ends. My daughter says she can’t say anything that isn’t corrected attacked or offends. So this makes it very hard for her to hang out with her other friends since they are all in the same circle. When they’re all together they can avoid each other but it doesn’t work in a smaller setting. More often then not it seems my daughter is on the outside looking in. is there anything I can do or how do I handle this?' Jose Alex says:

    So happy to know the word of god.' Diana Tristanti says:

    I am in a state of desperate to find a job and it is really start hurting me since I am no longer able the pressure for being in a same house with my elderly parents. Although they are independent but I feel unworthy since I am not capable to support myself. Luckily I am keeping my faith and do my best to be in a church, I found 2 girls and surprise close to one of the girl and become feel better because she trust me by share her burden. I feel ..oh her problem actually bigger than me but she was able to over come. The feeling being worthless come and go and this website I found just now and hope I will be able to keep in touch and make another new christian friend.

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