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Recently I found myself with unexpected guests and needed a quick dessert.  As I opened the pantry door, a bright idea came to mind – “let’s have a group participation dessert”.  I gathered the ingredients for this week’s recipe and quickly prepared it.  Everyone was then invited to the kitchen and when I shared the plan, the smiles started.  It turned into such a fun time of creating their “own” design complete with garnishes including strawberries, whipped cream (a staple in my refrigerator at my grandchildren’s request), ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup and raspberry jam.

This is an inexpensive and quick dessert.  Next time you find yourself without a planned dessert – try these delicious funnel cakes.  I think you will have a big hit on your hands!

2 comments on “Dessert Time Fun

    maegan_proehl@mchsi.com' Maegan says:

    Hey y’all! As soon as you posted this recipe, I printed it out – excited about making funnel cakes without having to go to a fair or a carnival. My daughter and I were menu planning for the week and decided that we should try this recipe for dessert tonight. We tried the recipe twice – we messed it up the first time because when we “combined remaining ingredients,” we mistakenly added the oil! Oops! The second time, the mixture was quite runny, and it didn’t turn out. Does the recipe really only use one tablespoon of flour? It seemed like a small amount, but what do I know? I’ve never made funnel cakes before. It sounds like a fabulous dessert!!

    harttohart66@sbcglobal.net' Jan Hart says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your cooking trials!  Let me check into what could be the problem and I will get back with you.  Needless to say, put the Funnel Cakes on hold until you hear from me 🙂   Have a blessed day!! Jan

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