Front Porch Friday: The 7 Deadly Sins of Women

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Front Porch Friday logoI’m starting a new series entitled (drumroll), The 7 Deadly Sins of Women. And today, you’ll find out just why these sins are soooo deadly. So, c’mon! Click play, and join me (and one or two random cows in a nearby pasture) for Front Porch Friday!


Your sister,

Laurie-sig-300dpiLeave a comment and let me know what you think about the new series. I love hearing from you!

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Laurie Cole is the President of Priority Ministries and the author of six Bible studies for women: There is a Season, The Temple, Beauty by The Book, Beauty by The Book for Teens, Warrior Princess, and Are You a Disciple? A frequent speaker at women's events, find out how to invite Laurie to speak at your event.

36 comments on “Front Porch Friday: The 7 Deadly Sins of Women

    debbie@owenstransport.com' debbie@owenstransport.com says:

    Good morning Laurie.
    Great topic for us coming up on Easter. ;-0)
    Girl! I’ve been working at, trying HARD, to dieing to my own sins & you’re absolutely right when you say. “satan is subtle!!’ Just when I think I’ve REALLY gotten over one thing for sure……….here comes something else knocking at my heart. BUT…..here’s what I can rejoice in today………I’m recognizing the sin!!!!!!! That is such a PRAISE GOD I could just do cart wheels. (Well, I could but I won”t …God knows my heart & He also knows I’d hurt myself)…..But it’s just that. Really getting to a point that you can “rest” in God’s LOVE & His protection. Understanding that sin WILL definitely, always, be with us but having peace in the fact that we’ve got our armor of His Word tucked safely in our hearts. But….. knowing too that we must KEEP up our guard lest we stumble. Looking forward to the rest of the series. ;-0)

    elainemorrow@hotmail.com' Elaine says:


    It is going to be great and i will be with you for Front Porch Friday. I am finding out that I am having to keep my guard up because satan is right there to knock me down again. Thanks for this topic. Elaine

    Mimiluvzlife@verizon.net' Mimi says:

    Hi Laurie! I will be right there with you on Front Porch Friday. I haven’t completed The Temple bible study but I am in the midst of There is a season and it is such a blessing! Eagerly waiting for next weeks lesson! Take care… 🙂

    jmsubia@gmail.com' Mary Subia says:

    Hi Laurie
    I am looking forward to this series! I love your Front Porch Friday video series!!! Mary

    Laura6221024@yahoo.com' Laura Alvarado says:

    I’m in! Thank you so much for your ministry. I am still in your workbook “Seasons of Life”, going slow, having a special needs child only allows me so much time in a week 🙂 As soon as I am finished with this one I will be ordering your new workbook “The Temple”.

    beachgirldebbie@gmail.com' Debbie says:

    Hi Laurie! Thank you so much for your ministry. I so much enjoy your Front Porch Friday video series. Look forward to going through the series ‘The Temple’. God Bless You and Your Family. Debbie

    daterrysc@hotmail.com' Andie says:

    Thank you Laurie…God has provoked me through your teachings just this morning!! This will be a great 7 weeks, I look forward to it!

    Bj-rayna714@sbcglobal.net' Rayna says:

    Laurie-very excited about your new Front Porch series. I’ll be there right beside you each week. Thank you so much for sharing God’s word to me. You are a blessing!

    laura_cornman@yahoo.com' Laura Cornman says:

    I’m in Laurie! Looking forward to this study.

    sbarnett1972@hotmail.com' Sue Barnett says:

    Thanks for this study as it is so important to walk with God and know his will . I really enjoy hearing your teaching . I am in this for the long haul!
    God bless you in all your efforts to spread God’s word .

    linda@familyfriendsinternational.com' Linda says:

    Hi Laurie,
    Linda from Scotland, Great Britain here!
    Thank you so much for your work and ministry! You look absolutely beautiful in your Pink Jumper on your front porch, so much grace Love and so hope.
    I’ll defenetely join you on your porch on friday.

    Laurie Cole says:

    Made my day to hear from you, Linda! Be sure to watch tomorrow’s Front Porch Friday — I have something to share with you, my sweet Scottish sister. Love!

    c2k3@msn.com' Christine says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I just finish Experiencing Contentment In Every Season with my Women’s Bible Study group. It was our first study from Priority Ministries. I can’t adequately express how God used this study. I will be forever cherishing and applying those principles.
    I’ll be joining you for Front Porch Friday.

    Looking forward to this series. You are truly gifted in teaching His word. Thanks and God bless you.

    ecdedavis@juno.com' Debbie says:

    Hi Laurie, Sounds good to me, I am still so excited taking my daughters and girlfriends through Beauty by the book. I’m sure this will be great too. Thanks for teaching so we can teach too. I definitely believe that these friday porch series are filling in the gaps, and blindspots, Praise the Lord! Thank you, looking forward to the porch, sipping tea, sitting in the sun 🙂

    kingtrvl1963@sbcglobal.net' candy1945 says:

    Hi Laurie;
    I am so looking forward to Front Porch Friday and The 7 Deadly Sins of Women. Just about the time I feel I am completely with God, Ol’ satan raises his head and tries to get me to listen to him. I am getting to where when I hear his words I know they are the words of God so I try to put on the armor of God and fight him off. I have found that if I pray and ask God to help me, He does. Praise His name. I will be with you in spirit on Friday with my note pad, Bible and a cup of tea. Till then. Candy

    desiree.faustino@gmail.com' Desiree says:

    You have truly been a gift to me from God since seeing you in Murrieta California at our women’s retreat in 2011. I am looking forward to these next 7 weeks with you on the porch! God bless you and your ministry. -Desiree

    ecdedavis@frontier.com' Yankee girl says:

    Wow, listening to this really made me think of how subtle the temptation can be, and how it can blindside us. I remember when I was in medical school, not for self glory but because as a young girl I had seen the abuse in nursing homes, and I determined to do something about it. But once in medical school, the temptation to become a surgeon and ‘go for the gold’ because that was so appealing to my pride nearly derailed my dear family. I didn’t even see it coming. It ‘seemed so right’. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end is the way of death. By God’s grace, I am so thankful that the Lord called me to Himself, and home to care for my little baby girl, and then later gave my patient husband and I three more AND a sweet adopted little one to disciple for Him and His Kingdom. Watching Him fulfill His goal for our lives has been more than miraculous, it’s been Amazing Grace. Love being with you on the porch. Your accent reminds me of my Army days at Baylor/Ft Sam with you wonderfully hospitable Texans. Loved the sweet tea, front porches, and especially the family reunions where even strangers are welcome and made to feel like home. You Texans glo girl!

    cindybooth1@aol.com' Cindy Booth says:

    I just watched you on “Life Today” and came straight to your website. Thank you so much for allowing Our Father to teach these things through you. I’ve been a double below-knee amputee for 5 years, and while I’m growing spiritually in many areas, I’m struggling in the areas of body image and femininity. I’m guessing this is one of the areas you’ll be covering.
    I will be with you every Friday, and again, Thank you.

    Laurie Cole says:

    Bless you, Cindy, for finding me here on the blog. Look for an email in your inbox soon from my friend, Shanda (we want to send you a little something from Priority), and please know of our prayers for you as well. So looking forward to spending some porch time with you on Fridays! Love to you!

    gpgladfelter@juno.com' Peggy says:

    Just watched you on Life Today, and decided to check out your website. I am planning on being with you every Friday; I am a pastor’s wife who needs a little front porch time with you! Also looking at your Bible study material for our church. Glad to “meet” you and looking forward to meeting with you on the porch!

    Laurie Cole says:

    What a joy it will be to have you on the porch, Peggy! So happy you found our Glo Girl community. And if you need more info or have questions about any of our materials, please feel free to call Pam or Shanda at our office (866/968-4564). See you tomorrow on the porch! Love!

    todays_senior@sbcglobal.net' Kat says:

    Pour me a glass of sweet tea! I’ll be there!

    Laurie Cole says:

    Bless you, Kat! See you soon.

    jclabowman6@aol.com' Laura says:

    I will be here with you on the porch. Maybe even on my own porch swing! I am looking forward to the study, and I’m very glad I saw you on Life today.

    Laurie Cole says:

    You’re a porch swing girl, too?! I cherish mine like a gift from God and it delights my heart to know that you’ll be in yours as we meet together each Friday. Love!

    mmachele@hotmail.com' Machele Melborne says:

    I will be here with you.I’m looking forward to it.
    Thank you

    wt3bears@aol.com' Trina says:

    Hey Laurie-Just saw you on Life Today and can’t tell you how God spoke through you to me. Just checked out your website and am so excited about all your teaching material, I don’t know where to start. I was first interested in the study of “Beauty by the Book” because of the study for young girls. But when I looked at the others now I just want to do them all-Now. Also would love to attend one of your speaking engagements. Definitely will be joining on “Front Porch Fridays”. Thank you so much for dedication and obedience. May God bless you and yours and all that you set your hand to. And yes I am a fellow Texan having a glass of sweet tea right now.

    ashlara4@hotmail.com' Ashlara says:

    Thank you for doing this study! I will be here with you for the next seven weeks.

    kd57@bellsouth.net' Karen Decker says:

    Great study! I will be on the porch with you. I did Beauty by the book with you and loved it.

    telljacob@sbcglobal.net' Lydia says:

    God Bless! I will be on the porch with you. I also have cant wait to do the study with young girls in church about the Beauty by the book… It’s truely what this generation need today…. May God continue giving you strength & wisdom to give more studies to equip Women to glorify Glo…. To God be the Glory.

    I have been away since February. My daughter just had twins (Benjamin & Eleanor) I am just starting this series and will try to be caught up by this Friday. I know it will be awesome!!! I have taken all of your studies which has brought me to a deeper relationship with the Lord!!! I also have the privilege of meeting you and your daughter-in-law in Colorado a few years ago at the first women’s retreat for Mission Hills that you spoke at. Thank you for your faithfulness to use the gift that God has given you tecaching all of us. May He continue t richly bless your life!

    cajunmama.db@gmail.com' Debbie Barger says:

    I’m so glad that you leave up on your web site, the links to previous studies
    Actually I thank God for your ministry. I just found it, but am reaping rewards from God already. I found you when I was watching Life Today with James & Betty Robinson.
    I am so tickled about the book & study that go with Beauty By The Book. I wish I had that when my girl were younger. But I will be gifting my 21 year old soon with the original book. I look forward to studying it myself.
    I’m enjoying this front porch study of the 7 deadly sins now. I saw the word “victom” & that describes me. Now I am in an emotionally & verbally abusive marriage & am in counseling. My husband said he will join me – please pray that he will come , learn & we learn to truly love each other. We are married in name only & it is lonely & when he yells it is scarry.
    A few years ago Jim wanted me to read Boundries or Boundries In Mariage. I thought Jim wanted to tighten the reigns of controle over me so I said, “No!” Now with a counselor whom is a Christian she is willing to work with building me up again. I am feeling & acting more like God’s Daughter now. She will go through the book & workbook named above too, even if only I am doing the study.
    Well I said I am acting more like God’s Daughter & part of that is me not being or feeling like a victom any more – or in my case, gradually working toward that goal. So thank you for what I will be learning from what God has put on the hearts of each of you.
    Please pray we or me & my 17year old daughter find a church home. We are new to north Virginia, the county of Prince William & city of Woodbridge (a.k.a. The lower Washington D.C. area). I have many health, pain & depression problems, but when I am with brothers & sisters in Christ I am more myself & sometimes able to help or do for some of the body of Cbrist. I & my daughter, ok Jim also – even though he says he does not need friends, needs fellowship with other Christians. Jim & I are 1st generation Christians in both sides of our home of origin. So I praise God for Focus On The Family for teaching us how to be Godlier parents.
    Whoops, too much life story being shared. Please pray for me as I aim to become a photographer, better Christian, etc. Pray for my daughter whom hides in a shell..

    cajunmama.db@gmail.com' Debbie Barger says:

    Pay for her – Evie. Pray that Jim & I will have a healthy, Godly & loving marriage.
    Thank you all ao much & God bless each of you daily.
    Im His Hands,
    Debbie B.

    cajunmama.db@gmail.com' Debbie Barger says:

    Oh my this is public. Well I could use everyone’s prayers. I may… will be a bit more careful of the length that I type & of how much info I share.
    Please pardon me for tmi & type o’s. I am using the tiny buttons on my phone.
    Blessings to Everyone,
    Debbie <3

    cnduku39@gmail.com' charmaine Nduku says:

    I am interested in doing this study; but I have lost employment and cannot afford the materials right now. Is there any assistance to get this book for free and participate with fellow Christians in learning about this? I am a new growing Christian looking for guidance and continued Pray.

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