Teacher Set – Beauty by The Book for Teens

Beauty by The Book Teacher Set
Beauty by The Book for Teens School Curriculum

Over 14,000 teens have discovered God’s definition of true beauty…
What about the girls in your classroom?
Beauty by The Book for Teens Teacher Set

Do you feel that it’s important to teach your students
God’s standards for biblical beauty?

If you do, we have the solution. You need a proven curriculum that promotes purity, modesty, and morality in a way that invites powerful discussions and leaves your students with practical steps that they can take today to become biblically beautiful.

Teens Teacher Set
Teens Teacher Set
At the request of teachers, administrators and homeschooling mothers across the country who discovered Beauty by The Book for Teens through their churches and youth groups, this effective workbook/video Bible study has been redesigned for use in your classroom!

The curriculum includes:

  • DVD set with seven 25-30 minute teaching videos.
  • Teacher Guide with goals, lesson plans and discussion guides for each day of the study. Teacher Guide also includes the full student workbook with answers.
  • Student textbook with daily homework and fill-in-the-blank listening guides.
  • Flexibility to meet every classroom schedule.

What does the Beauty by The Book for Teens course cover?
In Beauty by The Book for Teens, author and speaker Laurie Cole uses the book of Proverbs as the foundation for teaching girls ages 12-19 about biblical beauty. The entire course can be covered in 7 sessions: An introductory video plus 6 weeks of workbook and video study. The truths that the students learn now will help them avoid a lifetime of regret later. Specifically, they will discover…

Week One: Five Beauty Dos and Don’ts

  • Five females in Proverbs: the Immoral Woman, the Indiscreet Woman, the Irritating Woman, the Captivating Woman, and the Ideal Woman.
  • Five beauty tips from the book of Proverbs.

Week Two: The Immoral Woman

  • How the Bible defines and describes immorality and why it is so dangerous.
  • Why sexual purity is so important to God and practical ways to resist temptation.
  • God’s grace and forgiveness for sin – even immorality.

Week Three: The Indiscreet Woman

  • The necessity, characteristics, and results of discretion.
  • Why discretion is so important in friendships and why indiscretion is so dangerous to them.
  • How wisdom is available from God to all who will seek and obey Him and study His Word.

Week Four: The Irritating Woman

  • The characteristics and dangers of becoming an Irritating Woman.
  • The right way to handle problems without becoming an Irritating Woman.
  • How to speak fluent “3B” speech (words that build, bless, and benefit).

Week Five: The Captivating Woman

  • The faith and character of a captivating young woman.
  • How to know if a guy really loves you.
  • God’s #1 requirement for any guy you date or marry, and how to know if they meet that requirement.

Week Six: The Ideal Woman

  • How to demonstrate love to your future husband and children.
  • The work ethic and habits of the Ideal Woman.
  • How to practice and apply the qualities of the Ideal Woman now – as a young woman.

Teens Teacher Set
Beauty by The Book for Teens is the right choice for your classroom!

We understand that not every classroom is structured in the same way. That’s why Beauty by The Book for Teens is flexible enough to work in a variety of schooling situations. Specifically, it can be used:

  • In private schools
  • As an elective
  • In home schools
  • In homeschooling co-ops
  • As extra credit
  • In Chapel time
  • In after-school mother/daughter small groups
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What are teen girls saying about this study?
They love it! Listen to some of the feedback we’ve received here.

What will my students need to participate in this study?

  • A Beauty by The Book for Teens workbook.
  • Access to a physical or digital Bible.
  • Ability to view the weekly Beauty by The Book video lessons.
What if a student is absent and misses the video lesson?
Free low-resolution videos are available online for individual viewing.
Can I preview the workbook or videos before I purchase the Teacher Set??
Sure! The entire first chapter of the student workbook is available online as well as all of the videos. We encourage you to share them with school administrators, teachers and even parents who have questions about the study. If you would like to preview the Teacher Guide, you can do so here.
How can I purchase additional workbooks for my students?
Student workbooks are available in our Online Store. You may either place one order for your entire class, or you can require your students to place their orders individually. We ship to both school and residences.
Do you have a complementary study for teen boys?
Not at this time.
What if I have more questions?
We’d be happy to answer them! Send us an email or call us at 1-866-968-4564.