Priority Bible Studies

Are you a Christian? If so, then are you a disciple? The truth is, all disciples are Christians, but all Christians are not disciples. This study will help you discover life far beyond casual Christianity. Become a disciple in this 8-week video-based Bible study!
8-week video-based Bible study
Are You A Disciple by Laurie Cole I have done many studies, but this one stands out as one of the most practical, applicable studies I have completed. Laurie’s ability to take real truths and put them into my everyday walk with the Lord was invaluable.
You can become the consistent, contented woman you’ve always wanted to be! This study will teach you how to understand and identify the seasons of your life and how to experience joy, meaning, and purpose in every season.
11-week video-based Bible study
There is a Season by Laurie Cole Laurie is a wonderful teacher and the homework is so good. I love that it takes you straight to God’s Word and keeps you there!
True beauty isn’t found in magazines, cosmetics counters, or at the gym. It’s found in the pages of Proverbs with women who model what to do, and what not to do, in order to be beautiful at any age.
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7-week video-based Bible study
Beauty by The Book by Laurie Cole This was absolutely one of the most life-changing studies I have ever done. It ranks right up there with Beth’s Believing God and Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God.
You are God’s temple, and you have the supernatural ability to glo – to reflect His glory – so, you glo, girl! Find out how in this in-depth, life-changing study.
Our “You Glo, Girl!” study
11-week video-based Bible study
The Temple by Laurie Cole This is the best material we have ever done! I love the way you blend the Old and New Testament…
Is it possible to be beautiful without short shorts, cleavage, excessive flirting, or the perfect body? The world may say no, but the book of Proverbs says Yes! Discover the dos and don’ts of true beauty in this fun, friendly Bible study designed for teens and tweens.
7-week video-based Bible study
Beauty by The Book for Teens by laurie Cole After completing this study with 7 girls, I cannot say enough about it. Laurie does an excellent job of presenting beauty from a biblical perspective. This is a life changing study for teenage girls.