Are You A Disciple?

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are you a disciple bible study for women

The truth is, all disciples are Christians, but all Christians are not disciples. And Jesus wants you to be both.
Are You A Disciple will help you discover:
  • The difference between Christianity and discipleship.
  • How to become a disciple.
  • The 7 Characteristics of Casual Christians
  • The 7 Distinctives of Devoted Disciples
  • How to make disciples
Perfect For:
  • Individual or Group Study
  • Women’s Ministry Bible study
  • Home/Neighborhood Bible study(Need help?
    Watch our series How to Start a Home Bible Study.)
  • Women of all ages and levels of spirituality

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are you a disciple bible study for women

are you a disciple bible study for women
Leader Start-Up Set
are you a disciple bible study for women
(Workbook, DVD set,
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are you a disciple bible study for women
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are you a disciple bible study for women
are you a disciple bible study for women
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are you a disciple bible study for women
are you a disciple bible study for women
are you a disciple bible study for women
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This is a wonderful study. The lessons and homework were realistic and, while challenging, allowed me to actually finish and be prepared for our weekly study times (important for this mom of 4 active boys!)

No matter how many years you’ve been a Christian, this Bible study will challenge you to take a close look at your present walk with the Lord. I had many reality checks throughout this study and am so thankful that when we desire for God to transform a “wannabe disciple” into a “true disciple”,
He is always willing and able!

This is a must for all women! I really felt like Laurie was speaking straight to me! It changed me in so many ways!
Highly recommended!
Each session is clearly grounded in God’s Word and truth. The study revealed areas in my life I thought were okay, but the Bible listed as sin… I strongly encourage this study wherever you are at in your walk with Jesus.
I recommend that you watch the video lessons because the passion that Laurie has for God’s word and her desire for all belivers to become a disciple is so evident in her teachings.
I have done many studies, but this one stands out as one of the most practical, applicable studies I have completed. Laurie’s ability to take real truths and put them into my everyday walk with the Lord was invaluable. Her speaking is relate-able and true. Creating the distinction between a Disciple vs a Casual Christian drives me to not settle for anything less than [being] a complete disciple of the Lord. I strongly recommend this study!

are you a disciple bible study for women

Who are the “Priscillas” in your life? (3:07)
How to follow Jesus and
discern the Spirit’s leadings.(4:50)
The realities and rewards of discipleship.(5:06)

are you a disciple bible study for women
  • Can I purchase this Bible study in a bookstore?
    Not yet, but you can purchase every Bible study resource offered by Priority Ministries in our Online Store.
  • Is this study offered in a book version? Not at this time. Our Bible studies are fill-in-the-blank workbooks which require a Bible to complete.
  • How many weeks is this study?
    The study is designed to be an 8-week study. The first week is considered an Intro week (video only), and the next 7 weeks involve daily homework followed by a weekly video.
  • How much homework is involved?
    The workbook consists of 7 weeks of homework, 5 days per week, which can be completed in 20-25 minutes each day.
  • Can I complete the study without having to purchase the videos or audios? Yes, this is an excellent stand-alone study since the daily homework is completed using your Bible and is independent of the videos or audios. Completing the 8 fill-in-the-blank listening guides in the workbook is dependent on the video/audio teaching sessions, which can be purchased in our Online Store.
  • How long are the teaching sessions? The 8 video/audio teaching sessions are each between 22-30 minutes in length. The specific run times for each session can be found here and are also listed on the back of the DVD case cover.
  • Do you have an Answer Guide to the daily homework in the workbook?
  • Where can I find the answers to the video/audio teaching sessions?
    Download the entire set of completed listening guides here.
  • What is a Leader Guide on USB?
    The Disciple Leader Guide is formatted as a printable PDF and is available either 1) delivered on a preloaded USB device or 2) instantly as a downloadable file. For more information about USB Flash Drives, click here.
  • Is the Leader Guide necessary to conduct the study? Your study can be very rewarding with or without the Leader Guide. Laurie wrote the Leader Guide primarily to teach new Bible study leaders how to lead a small group and keep their discussion time focused and on time. Experienced Bible study leaders love the time-saving benefit that Laurie has done for them by suggesting a few questions from each day of the previous week’s homework for group discussion. Your Leader Guide purchase includes permission to print copies or share the file with each small group leader in your church or organization.
  • Is the student workbook included in the Leader Guide?
    No, but it does include the blank and completed listening guides.
If you have other questions, see our online store FAQ or call us toll-free at (866)968-4564