5-Word Prayers to Whisper in the Moment

5-Word Prayers to Whisper in the Moment

by  Emily Ryan

There are moments when you don’t have time for long, wordy prayers to God. You need something you can whisper in a single breath. Something concise. Something that can hold you over until you can gather your thoughts, get away, and spend quality time with God.

Join me for a super-simple, but oh-so-effective series:

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These prayers are so simple, you’ll wonder if they can even be effective. But coupled with a heart that is bent towards God, they can! Discover for yourself by clicking one of the links below.

 will 1. Not my will, but yours
Jesus shows us that this prayer, while necessary and powerful, is still the most difficult to pray. So difficult, in fact, that sometimes you have to pray it over and over again, just as He did. More >>
timing 2. Not my timing, but yours
I’ve never met anyone who’s ever regretted waiting on God’s timing for her life. Instead, I’ve met plenty of people who have rushed or delayed the plans He had for them and wished they had done it differently. More >>
day 3. Not my day, but yours
When you whisper this in your heart, it’s not meant to be a magic formula that gets you out of your quiet time. Rather, it’s meant to bridge the gap, however large it may become, in between those precious times when you are able to spend dedicated time with the Lord. More >>
reason 4. Not my reason, but yours
No matter how many times I ask, “Why?” I’ve found that I can’t predict God. His ways are higher than my ways, and His reasons are mysterious. So when the “why?” seems to paralyze me with a desire for answers, I pray this simple prayer. More >>
stuff 5. Not my stuff, but yours

No one is immune to the struggle with money and materialism and greed and desire. It affects us all, and we all need a quick, easy way to remind ourselves of the bigger picture. It all belongs to God. More >>
way 6. Not my way, but yours
God has this strange habit of avoiding the easy way. Instead of taking you along the direct route from point A to point B, He leads you through detours, twists, turns, tangents, circles, hurdles, flip flops, obstacle courses, and quicksand before you finally arrive at your destination disoriented and confused, but thankful nonetheless. More >>
job 7. Not my job, but yours
Have you ever wished you could change someone? Don’t you wish you could jump inside their heads and flip that invisible switch from “childish” to mature”? This prayer reminds you that you can influence them, but only God can change them. More >>

glory 8. Not my glory, but yours
None of us are immune to the desire to use our talents, our treasures, and our time for our own personal gain. That’s why it’s so important to remind yourself often of this truth. Everything you have, everything you are, is for His glory. More >>

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