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If you could come sit with me on the porch and ask me any question you wanted to, what would it be? Well, ask away! Introducing my Front Porch Friday video series:

Ask Laurie: You Ask, I’ll Answer

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So go ahead — ask me anything, and I’ll see you on the porch on Ask Laurie: You Ask, I’ll Answer.

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Week 1: What does “righteousness” mean?

Week 2: What do you wish you had known raising boys that you now know? What do you wish you had done differently?

Week 3: How do I honor my husband even when I disagree with him?

Week 4: Can you lose your salvation?

Week 5: Should Christians be involved in politics?

Week 6: What was your toughest hour and how did God get you through it?

Week 7: How do you biblically love an adult “prodigal” child – especially when they mock your beliefs?

Week 8: Are Christians allowed to judge others?

Week 9: What’s the best marriage advice you could give to today’s young couples?

Week 10: How do you balance God, husband, family and work?

Please note: I am not a professional counselor or therapist. The information and answers I provide are based upon my own study of the Bible and what I’ve learned through my own personal experiences. This information is given with the understanding that I am not offering professional advice. Since the details of your particular situation are fact dependent, you should additionally seek the services of a competent professional or licensed Christian counselor.

22 comments on “Ask Laurie: You ask, I’ll answer' Karen Walker says:

    Hi Laurie, I’ve started studying my Bible again in my effort to get back to the basics and to draw closer to God. I began with the book of James to remember how God wants me to live. What book would you recommend I study next to understand my relationship with my Father and where He wants me to grow?
    Blessings to you,
    Karen' Marty Pendleton says:

    Dear Laurie, I have just found out that one of my colleagues is beginning the process of separation/divorce-and it’s very heartbreaking as we know this is not God’s will for us. What is the best way to counsel this wonderful believer? I’m really just listening at this point…. should I continue to listen only…(I truly don’t want to say the wrong thing . what are your thoughts? Thank you for taking the time to listen, I look forward to your kind reply.
    Marty Pendleton' Grace says:

    OK, here is my question. My D.I.L. who claims to be a Christian and our son who is not although she’ll “say he is” when convenient told me that she had a problem with me “taking the initiative” with our grandson and giving him the gospel — WHICH HE ACCEPTED and he understood what he was doing. It was the Lord’s directing through His Spirit. It was so cool to see the Holy Spirit lead and draw him near! My D.I.L said it was a “personal thing” and that I was “undermining” her. She said that it is her “responsibility and privileged” to instigate and nurture their life in Christ. She said if she and her husband were not Christians and we (meanining me and my husband) felt they were being raised in an “unsafe environment” that would be one thing. But that was “not the issue”. So what do I do now? I can say that no matter what is was worth is to see the Lord’s calling on His young life and my husband blubbering over by the kitchen counter that morning! Now what? Our D.I. L. will have nothing to do with us now and it has been quite a while of time passing AND when our meeting “must” occur it is strained on her part. Thanks Laurie.' Kathy Coffey says:

    Hello Laurie! I bought your Beauty by The Book series two years ago when you were in Fredericksburg. I just bought the Teen Series. I feel called to lead a study such as this for PRE teens, and I am realizing they are not spiritually and emotionally ready for this. So, today we stared PRE-Teen Princess Purity Process, and I’m using Jenny Bishop’s Book and Life Lessons called The Princess and the Kiss and I’m trusting God to equip me. I will also be attending our church, Hill Country Fellowship’s BBB for Teen’s class starting tomorrow night… So my question is… Are you working on a BBB for PRE-teens? Thank you for all you do, Laurie, and for your obedience to the Lord' Heidi says:

    Hiya Laurie. How will I know God’s purpose for my life? I have been sick for a while and now I am looking for work again but I have no idea what kind of work I want or should do? Can you help me?' LaShaunn Bold says:

    What does the Bible say about our responsibility to care for aging parents?' mary Lua says:

    How do you walk along side a believer who is going through depression?' Jenny Cortinez says:

    Confidential: What is the best marriage advice you could give out to those of us who are starting out and are still adjusting?' Jen says:

    Confidential: What is the best marriage advice you could give out to those of us who are starting out ?' Maria says:

    How do you balance GOD, Husband, Family,and work??? I know GOD comes first.' Jackey Ny says:

    Hi Laurie, the question I want to ask at this time is: Is it okay to attend more than one church? I have a friend who does this and I don’t know whether or not it’s right and I don’t know what to say. It makes me feel uneasy that they attend more than one church. Is it wrong to church hop from one to another? Please help me so I can give them some insight. Thanks! Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!' Ellen Giermann says:

    How do you Biblically Love an adult “prodigal” child when you still have younger children in the home. For example, an adult child not living at home anymore, but does come around for holidays and occasional visits.
    You are trying to live a Christian example and staying within God’s boundaries and they laugh or deny your standards, even though they themselves were raised in them and have chosen to turn away from them. You still want them present at holidays and such because they are your children, but their influence is really not edifying for the younger siblings.
    Thank you' Nicole says:

    1. What is your advice for those that struggle with self discipline? How does one attain victory, practically speaking?
    2. What does your daily devotional time with Jesus consist of or look like?
    3. Did you always feel called to Teach the Bible, how did you start out, did it come naturally?' Jackey Ny says:

    How do you go about with friends you know who are walking with God yet doing wrong? What do you say or do?' mila says:

    what’s teh best way to find a mentor and more community? ( i’d prefer to remain anon)' Nina says:

    Laurie! I really enjoyed your series on how to start a home bible study. I have led numerous bible studies/small groups and now I’m really interesting in creating my own bible study curriculum. What are practical steps for that besides picking a passage and coming up with discussion questions and some commentary? How does one go about marketing/packaging a bible study curriculum. Do you have to go through a publisher? Do you do it alone or is it a team effort? Really interested in knowing the nuts and bolts of this. Is there a “Bible Study Curriculum Template”???' Debbie says:

    Laurie, How do you deal with loved ones who continually gossip when they talk to you? I know I can’t change them, but how can I guard my heart, I can take up an offense so easily, it’s not good for me or them, and I know the Lord is not happy about it so I feel guilty on the one hand, and like a toxic waste cite on the other. I would sure appreciate some wise advice, that’s got practical steps I can practice…Blessings on the porch…

    Laurie Cole says:

    Tough stuff, Debbie, but it’s definitely time to speak truth with lots of love and grace. The next opportunity God gives you, let these loved ones know that the He’s been convicting you about gossip and participating in gossip by listening to it (and it’s best if you can do this one-on-one with them — not in a group setting). First, you need to ask them to forgive you. Next, if and when they begin to gossip to you again, graciously remind them, “You know how I told you that God was convicting me about gossip? Well, right now our conversation is really becoming gossip, so I gotta draw a line.” Then change the subject. Hopefully, they will understand and respect your boundaries. But if they don’t, be prepared to be both loving and firm. Praying for you, sister!' Gibi Tomy says:

    Please pray for me and my husband Tomy.I am a born again Christian believer. But he is born and raised in a Catholic family. We have been celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year on 19th January.its very hard to live a happy life with an unbeliever.
    We have 2children (son Alosh &daughter chelsa).He is a hard worker and cares his family too.But not careful to spend money. Finance deficiency brought almost all the problems in our life.
    He is loving us very well inwardly.
    But sometimes his behaviour is too horrible.When he gets angry he uses the most worse abusing words. He is a short tempered person and never admits any advice of ours either it is positive or negative. Our daughter also has some kind of same attitude.
    For express his bad emotions he uses most worst abusing words to anyone. Sometimes I felt some kind of demons rule over him. That’s why he behaves strangely.
    He pretends he is not alcoholic but he couldn’t stop that the eager to use alcohol.
    He has inferiority complex. So he teases everybody including family and friends.
    Without any reason he scold me and children always.
    I have been praying for him continuously since I have accepted Jesus as my saviour. But the time is not yet come . I know the reason for the delay was my sinful nature. I had sined against God and my husband after my salvation. But never ever my heart turned from Jesus.
    So I have been passed through serious trails.
    Now I’m totally purified.
    I am waiting forthe day which me& my family together go to worship. Please pray for my family’s complete salvation.Please give me a reply as u can.
    Gibi Tomy

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