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6 comments on “Contact Us' Sharon Gray says:

    Hey Glo girls, how do I subscribe to the Friday Front Porch series coming up? I just loved them. Laurie has the most wonderful way of saying things in ways that I totally understand, and she is being used by Our Lord, to help women, for which I am personally grateful.
    Sharon Gray

    The best way is to subscribe to the blog by typing in your email address under “Glo With Us!” in the righthand column of this webpage. That way you will receive a notification in your email each time something is posted to the blog.' Bishop Rhobinsn Baiye says:

    Dear We are in mwanza tanzania,we welcomed in our country to establish your new area.we need the seminar from you.' Jyoti says:

    Hi Laurie

    I listened to your ministry regarding being married to a unequally yolked husband. I’m in a situation now my husband has left. We both are Christians, baptised but have no children between us but have our own children from previous marriage. So therefore we have been step parenting. Before we got marriage I thought my husband was a true follower & read his bible & really had a trust in God & would use the word of God in our marriage. It ended up that he was more fixated on me in how I worship God & read the bible & gave him the encouragement from it. It became very discouraging that he was not doing the same & I realised that he was dependent on me & not seeking God. In fact he wanted me to worship him like how I worshiped God. I couldn’t get him to understand that the more we both put God first & see him as everything to us & received his love he would understand living God makes it one love for us & we love each other with his Love.. I also realised that his depression (he suffered this before marriage) that he was nothing to understand Love from God unless he was healed of depression. There is much more… & his frustration, insecurity & we both ended up feeling jeolous (family ties/parenting) I found my self losing my faith & not going to church…its just a mess now & had to separate for the sake of the children.

    I m back in church now & starting to feel God’s love again. We said we would work on our marriage BUT Now separated my husband doesnt want to see me & wants a divorce. Should I just let that happen? Is it the best thing? I hope God isn’t too angry with me for not keeping my faith…Im also a converted Christian from Hinduism…have lost family & church is the only family I have but that too is a struggle as they all know both of us…I feel alienated & alone. I read my bible like I’ve done before & feel learning all alone. Sometimes is nice when I feel the holy spirit…i don’t want to alone for the rest if my life. My children are grown up…Im 48yrs old…
    What is your take on my situation?

    Jyoti x' Dama says:

    Dear Friends in the Lord,

    Greetings to you and we thank God to come a cross your email and to know of your good work you do for our Lord. We also come from Kenya and work out to promote the Kingdom of our Lord and also help the needy by the love of our Lord, we have 5 congregations with a project of helping the needy Orphans.

    Our Vision is to preach the Word of our Lord. We pray God to help you and open ways for working with us and build this Kingdom before probation closes, we need your guide in this work and also any help which may make us move forward by His Grace more so your teachings and visiting us.

    Let us here from you and we will continue to pray for you God to help you in all you do as we work together with you and expand your work here. Love to read from you and know more about you and we shall write more about the work here.

    Lastly our Church started 2010 and our Orphanage children Center started 2013 with few Orphans but since then all growth as been seen, we trust God will open ways for you to work with us in this last days. Our Leaders plus our members will be happy to hear from you plus our working staff and work together to His Glory.

    Much Love from all here and please greet your families and the friend’s over there for us.

    With Big Christian Love.

    Pr. Dama Mogoi [ Assistant Director cross Church Kenya]

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