If I’d Known Then — A 5-Session Front Porch Friday Series

Ever wish you didn’t have to learn everything the hard way? Well, now you don’t! Join me on the porch for my Front Porch Friday video series:

If I’d Known Then: 5 Things I Learned The Hard Way So You Won’t Have To

In this 5-session series, I’ll be sharing personal stories of lessons I’ve learned the hard way and what God has taught me — which means YOU get to learn from MY mistakes. Plus, you’ll be able to comment and share lessons you’ve learned the hard way. Which means we ALL get to learn from EACH OTHER’S mistakes.

Each session of this series is listed below, and each video is approximately five minutes long.  Just click the session you’d like to watch, and voila! You’ll be sitting on the porch with me, and hearing about some of the most important lessons I learned (unfortunately) the hard way.

Session 1 — How To Avoid a Train Wreck: A Lesson on Red Flags

Session 2  How To Avoid Being Hijacked: A Lesson on Boundaries

Session 3 — How to Avoid an Ulcer: A Lesson on Worry

Session 4 — How to Avoid the Devoid: A Lesson on Seasons

Session 5 — How to Avoid a Less-than-Best Life: a Lesson on Priorities

See you on the porch!

Your sister,

3 comments on “If I’d Known Then — A 5-Session Front Porch Friday Series

    sbrown@fbcaledo.com' Sue Brown says:

    Laurie, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your teaching. God has given you such a relax way of speaking his truths. I will be looking forward to each Friday’s front porch session. I too have had red flags and just felt an uneasiness in my spirit about things and didn’t understand and actually felt a little judgemental when I was reluntant about going ahead, so I will definitely be more comfortable when I feel a red flag ant wait till I get a peace concerning the decision. Thanks Again for you life lessons. Sue

    kcsmile04@sbcglobal.net' cindy says:

    Laurie, Thank you I love Front porch Friday. After a long week I look forward to Front Porch Friday. You must know me really well because your always speaking directly to me! What a lesson…

    Teachlearn@yahoo.com' Aaron Bearden says:

    Where is today’s 🙂

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