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7 comments on “Become A Subscriber' jeanie says:

    I am prayerfully considering starting a young teenage girls bible study in my home or church for my daughter and the girls in her class. My daughter is a 13 yr old 8th grader and I have been deeply disturbed for a couple of years now at the cruel and just plain horrible behavior/attitudes of some of the girls in her class. I have complained a lot about not feeling like the school system is doing enough to curb/stop these behaviors, let alone their parents. We as a family have prayed and prayed for these girls and their families. But just a few moments ago while I was thinking about these girls (again),I felt God say, “Why not you? Why don’t you try to do something” and I instantly thought of a bible study group for them….
    I will pray about this and ask for His guidance.
    Thanks for your video series about starting a study–I will be referencing back to them often! 🙂

    Thanks for your comment Jeanie! I’m so excited that you are considering a home bible study! We have some really great resources for free on our website. The entire Beauty by The Book and Beauty by The Book video series is available free here. Let us know if we can help you in any way!
    -Stephanie' Dee Pennell says:

    I already receive the Glo Girl blogs. Would you please send me the ebook, guilt free quiet times.
    Love your post. Blessings!' Nancy says:

    Where do you post to online study.

    Nanme – Nancy
    Cheltenham, MD
    Favorite meal: Steak, potato and salad' Sherlyn says:

    I am a subscriber and I love the site, information and the online study. I so share the site info with others and I have used three of the studies with women’s groups. I am excited about the disciple study and I believe it will also hep me with great spiritual growth. I love the studies because they truly help me to great a glimpse of personal inventory. I can see where I need to improve (make changes)' Bev Morris says:

    Good morning! We LOVED having Laurie on Saturday at our “A Few of My Favorite Things” Ladies Christmas Brunch at The River! ALL the ladies were so very blessed!
    I purchased the “Are You A Disciple” Leader Kit but we have decided not to start on it right away. The ladies want to do “Beauty By the Book” and also do “Beauty By The Book” for Teens with our youth girls. It looks like the videos for both are downloadable for free. Just wanting to make sure that all we need would be leader’s guides for both and the student workbooks. Is this correct? Thanks so much!
    Bev Morris
    Pastor to Women
    The River
    Channelview, TX' Laurie says:

    I just found your website by accident. I can relate to age……BUT I am over 70, and have felt the same way as you. I still stay active in Bible Studies and am teaching a sewing class to young moms in my church, but my age and limitations are catching up with me. I started a bible class for senior women (There is a season for everything) but only a few attend. Older women just don’t seem to see a need to continue to grown in the word. I’m looking for encouragement to keep going myself. It was a joy to see some encouragement for older women.

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