How to Turn Your Mess Into God’s Message

FPF-Video-Series-2-mess-ad-blogEver been in a mess? Me, too! But I’ve got great news for messies like you and me: God can take our mess and turn it into His message! Join me and my extra-special guest — Christy Simmons — on the front porch for a 6-part series:

How to Turn Your Mess Into God’s Message

Discover how God can take your mess and transform it into His message. See you on the porch!

Part 1 — The Mess

Part 2 — When God Messes With Your Mess

Part 3 — How to Sort Through the Mess

Part 4 — 3 Tips to a Clutter-Free Life

Part 5 — The Hardest Week for Christy & Me

Part 6 — The Message From Your Mess

Are you a messy? Leave a comment and let us know how the Lord spoke to you through this series, sister!

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