Who Has Your Heart? The Single Woman’s Pursuit of Godliness

41ob80KjErL._SY380_Who Has Your Heart? The Single Woman’s Pursuit of Godliness is not just another study about a godly woman who teaches us how to be single.  Rather, it’s the study of a single woman who teaches us how to be godly.

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Until now, singles have only had the option of studying the more popular women of the Bible such as Ruth, Mary, and The Proverbs 31 Woman.  While their stories are wonderful and their character strong, in the end, the undeniable thread that ties all of these ladies together has been somewhat hard to ignore: They’re all married.

While their marital status does not negate their credibility, it still leaves singles longing for a role model who shares their status; someone to teach about being a single woman because she is a single woman, not simply because she’s “been there.”  And that’s where she comes in – the unnamed, unmarried, and unshakable girl in Judges 11:34-40 known only as Jephthah’s daughter.

In Who Has Your Heart?, we’ll learn from this girl the moment she steps out of her home dancing and shaking her tambourine and identify ten aspects of her character that are essential for every woman, single or not, to emulate.

With Scripture, humor, and discussion questions that complement each chapter, readers will uncover timeless principles from a story they’ve never heard before, quickly appreciating why Jephthah’s daughter is the scriptural role model they have been waiting to discover.

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    cnduku39@gmail.com' charmaine Nduku says:

    Hello Emily,
    I am interested in doing this study;currently lost employment and cannot afford the book is there an option of financial assistance for a situation like this. I am a growing new Christian and I am trying to learn everything I can about life, god, etc…please let me know.

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