You Might Be a Foolish Woman If…

Foolish Woman GraphicWelcome to a new Front Porch Friday series that’s all about who is and who is not a foolish woman.

But wait . . . hang on a minute.

Didn’t Jesus say never to call somebody a fool? Are we even allowed to do a series on fools and foolishness? And if so, then who exactly is a fool, and (deep breath) could you be one of them?

For answers to all of these questions and more, join Laurie for her series You Might Be a Foolish Woman If. Discover what the Bible says about fools and:

•How to recognize a foolish woman.

•Characteristics of foolish behavior.

•How to handle the fools in your life.

And most importantly:

•How to be a wise (not a foolish) woman.

Series starts Friday, July 12. Watch current episodes below, or be a wise woman: subscribe to the Glo Girl Blog now and receive updates about this series in your inbox.

laurie blog pic2See you on the porch!

Watch current episodes now:

July 12: Intro — But didn’t Jesus say never to call somebody a fool?

July 19: You Might Be a Foolish Woman If: You Know the Truth but Choose to Ignore It

July 26: You Might Be a Foolish Woman If: You are  Professor but Not a Possessor

August 9: You Might Be a Foolish Woman If: You’re  a Material Success but a Spiritual Failure

August 16: You Might Be a Foolish Woman If: You’re Ms. Spiritual on the Outside but Ms. Hypocrite on the Inside

August 23: You Might Be a Foolish Woman If: Your Broken Heart Extinguishes Your Burning Heart

August 30: You Might Be a Foolish Woman If: You Know the Truth But You Suppress It

September 20: You Might Be a Foolish Woman If: You Embrace This Life, But You Reject the Afterlife

New videos will be posted each Friday.





4 comments on “You Might Be a Foolish Woman If…

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    jordan 11 gamma blue' Glenda Rutland says:

    Laurie, I was looking for information to help me write a short Bible study for my Ladies’ group in my church yesterday. I found your blog and the Front Porch series on “You might be a foolish woman if…”. This series would be perfect for me to use, but I can’t get them downloaded. Guess there’s a reason for that. How can I get a DVD of this series? I would pay for it if not too expensive as my church is a small one. Please help.

    Laurie Cole says:

    Hi Glenda! I’m so sorry you couldn’t download the “Foolish Woman” series. But you may be able to watch these videos on YouTube with your church group if your church has a TV that is wi-fi accessible. I encourage you to get in contact with a tech person at your church to see if that’s possible. I’m so sorry, but I do not have these videos available on DVD.

    However, here’s another idea to consider. One of my all-time favorite Christian books is “Fool-Proofing Your Life” by Jan Silvious. While my video series deals with how we as Christian woman can become foolish, Jan’s book deals with how to biblically deal with the people in your life whom the Bible defines as “fools.” The book is powerful and Bible-based. Plus, Jan has a video set that goes along with it. They are very affordable, and I know your group would enjoy it. I offered it to the women in my Sunday school class last fall (we didn’t watch the videos, we just read a chapter a week, and I led a discussion on that week’s chapter each week). Our class is still talking about “Fool-Proofing” and how liberating it was. You can check it out at

    God bless you, Glenda, for your love for God’s Word and God’s women!

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