A Post-Surgery Update on My Mother

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This picture of my Mom and Dad was taken two years ago at my son J.J.'s wedding (and that's Bill's sweet mom behind my dad).

This picture of my Mom and Dad was taken two years ago at my son J.J.’s wedding (and that’s Bill’s sweet mom behind my dad).

Dear Sisters,

You are amazing. A couple of weeks ago, I requested your prayers for my mother and her recent cancer surgery. Your response overwhelmed both me and her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers and for the encouraging notes you posted here and on Facebook. My mother, myself, and our entire family are so grateful for your love and support. Your prayers covered us all (and especially Mother) with God’s comfort, peace, and strength.

Mother was diagnosed with early-stage colon cancer about a month ago, and her surgery was on Monday, December 5th. Right before surgery, her wonderful Christian doctor told me, “I’m going to take care of your mother just like I would my own mom.” And he meant it. I am now his fan for life.

Her surgery went very smoothly, and the excellent care she received from the nursing staff and doctors there during her stay was a blessing. All evidence of the power of your precious prayers.

The day after surgery, we received the pathology report. The cancer was Stage 2 but no NO cancerous cells were found in any of the lymph nodes they tested. Praise the Lord, sisters, and God bless you for your powerful prayers!

It’s been almost two weeks since Mom’s surgery, and I am thrilled to report that she is now home and recovering little by little each day. The only person who is happier than she is to be home is my dad. Before her surgery, she made sure their pantry was stockpiled with enough food and provisions for a year-long Armageddon-like event. However, if they’re in the mood for Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden, or anything else, Dad is The Man. He loves to run errands and pick up food. They are a great team. They take care of one another.

Mother will be seeing an oncologist soon, and he will determine whether or not she needs to receive chemo. Please pray that God will give him wisdom regarding that diagnosis.

Sisters, I cannot begin to express how much your love and prayers mean to me. But when I think of you, there is a verse that comes to mind:

“The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].” James 5:16 AMP

Thank you, dear sisters! Your prayers are powerful and God has used them to accomplish so much. Know of my love, prayers, and thanksgiving to God for you.

With a heart full of love and gratitude,




P.S. How can I pray for you? It would be my privilege. Post your prayer request, and I will pray. Love!


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11 comments on “A Post-Surgery Update on My Mother

    kleslie1222@gmail.com' Kristi says:

    We all had lunch Wednesday at the R&K (chicken fried steak was crispy delicious!), then went out to the house to see Sister. Everyone mentioned how remarkably good she looked. If you didn’t know she’d had recent major surgery, it sure didn’t show. It was great to see her and visit, albeit shorter than we’d hoped (Mother had pressing plans!).
    We’re truly blessed to have such a wonderful family, and to be as healthy as we all are.
    Merry Christmas and my love to you, Bill, and the rest of your family!

    I was hoping to see you.
    Next time!

    Laurie Cole says:

    Would love to have seen you, too, Kristi. God has indeed blessed our family in so many ways. Love you!

    chrissyoldham@ymail.com' Chrissy Oldham says:

    Please pray for mother. She is saved, and this means more than anything in the world to me. We have not always had the best relationship. I am 1 of 5 children and the middle daughter. So I have had issues with acceptance and not quite feeling loved or wanted by my mother. The date has not yet been set, however, in the coming weeks she will undergo surgery to repair/replace a leaky aortic valve and have sitnts placed. Depending on the outcome of this surgery, she is looking at potential bypass surgery. My whole family seems to be plagued with heart issues in some form or other. I know that we serve a mighty GOD and I am in continued prayer over my mother. And, also, my father, who is beside himself with worry. Thank you so much for praying & continued prayers for your sweet momma!

    Laurie Cole says:

    Chrissy, I am praying for you, your mother and daddy, and for your entire family. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your request with me. Please keep me posted when you know the date of her surgery. Until then, know of my ongoing prayers. Love to you, sister!

    zvkk2p@aim.com' Paula Frazier says:

    Pray for America as a whole, and ask the Lord to bring about the reconciliation and healing that our nation needs after such a polarizing election. Pray for unity and a peaceful transition of power — that America would truly be “One Nation Under God.”

    zvkk2p@aim.com' Paula Frazier says:

    So happy to hear about your mom’s diagnosis and progress Laurie. All the very best to you and your family in the coming year.

    sarahannwong@gmail.com' Sarah Ann Wong says:

    Praise God! My mom also had colon cancer removed. It’s been over 15 years and she’s still doing well. God is so good and I pray He continues to bless your family as 2016 turns to 2017.

    wholland7@carolina.rr.com' Bobbie says:

    Laurie, So grateful that your Mom’s surgery went well. Praying that she will continue to receive God’s grace, mercy, and healing. Good news to celebrate our Savior’s birth!

    mom.rose.h@gmail.com' Rose says:

    Laurie, so glad to hear of your mother’s progress! I love how God, who knit us together in our mother’s womb, knits us back together when we get torn in one way or another.

    May you all have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and grow (and glo) closer to our Savior in the New Year!❤

    debbie@owensytansport.com' Debbie says:

    Hi Laurie.
    This is a wee bit late, (have had grands everyday since schools out), but praising God for her well being. Praying she’ll continue to grow stronger every week & will be completely free of any other cancers.
    All blessings to you & your mom & dad.

    tudy1956@yahoo.com' Denise Lobb says:

    Dear Laurie,
    Hi Laurie how are you doing? I hope you are well. Just wanted to drop a note to
    see how your Mom is doing:)
    God’s Blessings,
    D. Lobb

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