Front Porch Friday: Can you lose your salvation?

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Have you ever wondered if you could lose your salvation? That’s the topic I’m tackling on today’s Front Porch Friday. Find out what I believe (and whether or not you agree with me) by joining me on the porch for this week’s episode of Ask Laurie!


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I’d love to hear your feedback (whether you agree with me or not 🙂 ) Or, if you have a question you’d like me to answer on a future Front Porch Friday, post it in the comments below or email it to me at priority@priorityministries.com. Love!

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14 comments on “Front Porch Friday: Can you lose your salvation?

    cjlchevy7522@aol.com' charlotte says:

    when women stand in a crowd. people don’t look at you as a christian . Our values and what to say is hard to express when they us divesity and we want to say we are blessed but we cant what do we do.

    sheenaqua174@gmail.com' Sheenaqua says:

    No I do not think we can lose our salvation. If I understand the term salvation correctly it means redemption/ protection. God is a perfect God and salvation comes through Him. He does not change his mind. When he delivers salvation it is permanent. In my opinion, if we feel that we’ve lost salvation, then we need to exam ourselves in our faith. We could have fallen or turned our backs on Christ. In my mind we think we’ve lost it but it never left us; we left it.

    susandegeer@yahoo.com' Susan DeGeer says:

    Amen Sister!

    jenn@thejourneychurch.tv' Jenn R says:

    Laurie, This topic/questions couldn’t have been better timing for what I am going through today! Thank you for this series you are doing. It is a real blessing in my life!….

    Thuff@centurytel.net' Trish says:

    What about personal Apostacy? I see it is defined as a falling away, defection, withdrawal, or turning from what one has formerly turned to. Exodus 32, 2 Kings 17:7-23, Ps. 106, Isaiah 1:2-4, Jeremiah 2;1-9, Galations 5:4, Jude, John 15:1-6, 1Timothy 4:1, Hebrews 6:4-6, 2 Peter 1:8-11, 1 John 2:23-25.
    What these scriptures tell me is that it IS possible to lose your salvation!!! I got “saved” when I was about 5 or so and lived a pretty good life, I was “the good church going girl”. However, as an adult I (along with help from Satan) decided I was going to live however I wanted and wasn’t going to worry if it was a sin or not. Every time I did something that I knew was a sin I felt guilty but I consistently pushed that out of my mind to the point I quit having the guilty feelings at all. Now, yes, I still believed in God and everything I grew up with but I just didn’t care. I was going to do what I wanted to do and I was even purposely doing them because I KNEW they were sins. I refused to speak to God at all during that time. So tell me, IF during that time I was killed in a car wreck, would my salvation at age 5 cover these purposely committed sins?? I don’t believe so. I feel like saving grace applies to those sins that are “accidental”. As in, you didn’t do it on purpose. Once you walk away and purposely go out and sin then there is no way that God will say “oh that’s ok, you’re just having a midlife crisis so I will ignore that Adultery, drunkenness, etc. You just aren’t thinking straight right now.”. That just doesn’t make sense to me!! I believe if you walk away that you have just forfeited your salvation.

    nancyojeda@msn.com' anonymous says:

    I always wondered about this. I had a son accept Christ and be baptized at nine years old. He is 31 now. Growing up he broke my heart over and over and we are still estranged. Still wonder about this.

    debbie@owenstransport.com' Debbie says:

    Hi Laurie. I don’t just believe but I STAND ON the promises of our Father God. I also believe that my hubby & I, both, are living, breathing PROOF of it. There was a GOOD, (I should say bad), 25 years of our lives that we both made dumb & wrong decisions BUT we were both Christians! How say? Where we’re the evidences? The evidence was, (& still is), in our hearts that are DEEPLY convicted when we make wrong decisions or sin. We’re we BAD people for 25 years…..Nope. We were just ordinary people, living GOOD lives BUT we were in our will & NOT HIS. Had we “””lost””” our salvation. No, we don’t believe so HOWEVER, we do believe that one day we WILL stand in accountability before God BUT will we NOT get into heaven because of our sins. No way!!! Every scripture you gave is our promise & if they were not true, then we can say, Heaven will be empty for there are NONE that are perfect but one & His name is Jesus. It’s called GRACE & my hubby & I THANK GOD for it EVERY day. Now. We’re looking it up too but the question is this……….what if you were saved & baptized, are a member of a church, serve & go regularly to church? Can you denounce God & then lose you’re salvation? From God’s Word we’re looking at Isaiah & then His promise’s in Matthew for fulfillment.

    Ms. Laurie, Thanks for all you do! I have a question about hearing the Holy Spirit as a way to know we truely are saved. I think most of the time it is probably not an audible voice??? Maybe it is sometimes….How exactly do we hear the Holy Spirit speak to us? Is it the little voice or little thoughts that come to my mind? Thanks for the input!

    Striplingkaren@yahoo.com' Karen says:

    The blood covers the sin .the sin does not wash away the blood

    jrcund@hotmail.com' Jackie says:

    Laurie, very well said!!! If we could loose our salvation Christ would have to go to the cross again. His blood has washed away our sins forever!

    melindam2374@sbcglobal.net' Melinda says:

    I bought a cross when i was 18, it was my straight arrow to Christ when I would hold it in my hands Jesus would be right in my midst.I am 50,l lost the cross somewhere who know? But Jesus said to me, ” I am here beside you Melinda I am blessing someone else with the tresaure that kept you close to me when you were so far !!!!!!!!!!” Yes, he does speak to us

    richard545@sbcglobal.net' Brenda says:

    The question is have you really been saved. I also accepted Christ at a young age of 12. But it was just actions only and God truly knew my heart and that I wasn’t truly saved. After becoming a young adult my life was very fleshly and living for myself. In my young 30s I begin to realize that something was not right and I would ask Godly men and each ensured me that I was saved because I made confession once in my life and that the geat deceiver was playing with my mind. At age 42, suddenly after God gave me a dream about dying with my sons in a tall elevator and in my dream kneeling and praying for God to please be there I knew the next morning that I did not truly know God. Or if I did, I knew him and God did not know me. That is a huge difference. After waking the next morning ( which happened to be the morning of 9/11) I got out of bed and fell to my knees and got things right with God. From that day forward there was never no doubt anymore that I was saved and finally not only did I know God but God knew me through the blood of his son Jesus Christ. Many very good Godly men would have let me die and go to hell. God spoke to me and told me to listen to him and not men. Many many false converts are sitting in church today and we are playing with their salvation because they at one time said a prayer with no real change in their lives.
    In Christ Alone

    evdavis1948@sbcglobal.net' Estella Davis says:

    I do not believe in my heart that you can lose your salvation per the scriptures I read. Can you lose your way in life, of course; but the difference is that God the Father is always near because of “saving grace” to place you back on track with Him. Those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will meet at judgement day. The point is that we who received salvation in our lifetime will have eternal life with the Father even though we fall short in our godly life.

    ecdedavis@juno.com' Debbie says:

    God does say, be not deceived, and then he lists those who will not be in heaven because the wrath of God still abides on them because of their sins, but He also says that when we repent and place our trust in Him for salvation then we are sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. As a child I prayed a prayer but in retrospect I can see that I had not repented of my sin, just felt guilty, confessed it, was sorrowful, but never understood (partly false doctrine) exactly what Jesus had done when He took my place on that cross, so that all my sins could be forgiven. As an adult after being invited to a biblical church, I heard and understood the real gospel, and repented, the Holy Spirit filled my life, and I suddenly knew the difference between my former religious life, and my new life in Christ. Christ in me, the hope of glory. There is no mistaking the difference now.

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