How to Start a Home Bible Study

How to Start a Home Bible Study

Ever thought about starting a home Bible study?  Join Laurie and seasoned home Bible study leader, Shanda Stiles, for Priority’s FREE online video series:

How to start a Home Bible Study

This series will teach you:

  • How to know if God is leading you to start a study
  • The Top 5 Planning Tips for Starting a Home Bible
  • The Top 5 Challenges of Starting & Leading a Home Bible Study
  • The Top 5 Blessings of Starting & Leading a Home Bible Study

Watch the “How to Start a Home Bible Study” video series now!

Part 1: Intro & Overview of the Series

Part 2: How to Know if God is Leading YOU to Start a Home Bible Study

Part 3: Top 5 Planning Tips for Starting a Home Bible Study

Part 4: Top 5 Challenges of Starting & Leading a Home Bible Study

Part 5: Top 5 Blessings of Starting & Leading a Home Bible Study

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Beauty by The Book for Teens workbookCheck out Beauty by The Book for Teens — the perfect home study for your teen, her friends, and for the girls in your church youth group — with FREE downloadable videos! Daughter-Mother-WB-Set-120x160pxOr, why not offer  a Mother-Daughter home study using both studies: Beauty by The Book (for moms) and Beauty by The Book for Teens (for girls)? What could be better than moms and daughters studying God’s Word together!

Because you — yes YOU —  really can lead a home Bible study!   

“Faithful is He who calleth you, who will also will do it.” 1 Thess. 5:24 KJV

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9 comments on “How to Start a Home Bible Study' Chasity says:

    Wow! God has totally laid this on my heart as I was studying through the Beauty by the Book videos, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to start a home bible study. This is truly an answer to my prayers. I’m really excited that now even more women will gain this great wisdom and knowledge. Thanks Laurie!!!

    Laurie Cole says:

    Just saw your note, Chasity, and I’m so grateful for the way the Lord is encouraging you to follow Him and start a home Bible study. Glo, girl!! Know of my prayers for you, and keep me posted about how you’re doing AND when you start your study. Love!' Mary Wescott says:

    I came to your Princess Warrior series. I want you to know that what I learned in that series saved my life. I won a prize the last night. I was the lady with the pink I LOVE MY CHURCH shirt. I spoke with you after the session was over and told you about the deep chronic depression that I WAS suffering. The Lord has delivered me. With my gift certificate i got your book on There Is A Season, Experiencing Contentment in Every Season oo life. I’m day 3 and I am on fire with the Holy Spirit. I have the energy of my youth again. I know that it is the power of the grace of God.
    I am learning to use the blog. Like a lot of people my age, I am way behind in the ways of social media.
    I plan on attending your Monday night April 22 fellowship. I am a member of a small Church in Alvin. I am on the Ladies Ministry committee and we need help. Attendance is low and we need ideas. I wanted to attend your fellowship to see what the Father is doing In your Church. I hope this is ok. We need a Heavenly example to follow.

    Laurie Cole says:

    I remember you well, Mary, and I am THRILLED at what the Lord is doing in your life. What a turnaround! What a transformation! And what a God — only He could do it.

    Girl, you couldn’t have chosen a better resource to spend your gift certificate on — There is a Season is the perfect Bible study for you riht now. You’ve been in winter for soooo long, but spring has come and you’re growing again in Him again. PTL!

    Know of my prayers for you and your church’s women’s ministry. I’m happy you’re planning to attend the Sagemont Ladies Night Out on the 22nd (I’m not the speaker for that event but, trust me, the speaker they’ve booked will be GREAT). You’re always welcome at ANY event at Sagemont. Love to you, precious sister!' Macy F says:

    Me and my 15 year old sister were making cookies and said we wanted to lead a girls Bible study. I cam on your website and was looking for ways to start a bible study. Please Email and talk and lead us in Gods knowledge to start a teen/pre-teen Bible study. Im Macy and my sister is Milla. Im 10 and Millas 15. Thank you' Kristen Miller says:

    I am a 16 year old girl and am in need of help in starting my small group Bible study. I read the book “Live Original” by Sadie Robertson and am going to be doing a study on it with several girls in my youth group ranging from ages 12-17. We are planning to start in Janurary and meet every other week for an hour. My idea is to read a chapter individually, and then discuss it when we meet together. I want us to grow closer to each other and grow spiritually in our relationships with the Lord. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!

    Laurie Cole says:

    Kristen, your comment made my day! I love that you are following God’s lead to begin a Bible study with your friends in January. My only advice would be that you bathe the study in prayer each week, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit — He may lead you to invite a few girls outside of your youth group to join y’all, too. Know of my prayers for you, Kristen! I’m so proud of you. And after you finish Sadie’s book (I’m a big Sadie fan), you might want to consider using my Beauty by The Book for Teens study for your next one. 🙂 Love to you!' dave stephens says:

    plz pray 4 me' matilda and kaystar says:

    Hi,my husband and I always wanted to start a bible study at home,we are both born again Christians,please pray for us so that God can use us to win souls in his kingdom by sharing his word and many more,please also help us with how to start a bible study thanks

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