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Today, I want to take you out to my vegetable garden for a quick tour and a little teaching. When my husband, Bill, saw me taking you on this tour, he was a little shocked — our garden isn’t is the greatest shape. But God has been teaching me some really sweet things out there that I believe He wants to teach you, too.

This won’t be the last time you’ll see my garden. I’ll be posting pictures of it here in the coming weeks, and here’s why: I want to be accountable to you. I want to take the truths the Lord is teaching me in my garden and put them into practice. And as my garden grows, I’m asking God to grow me, too.

One more very important thing: On today’s video, I have a challenge for you. 

It’s a super simple way for you to be accountable with me. I’ll explain it on the video, so I hope you’ll watch. But even more, I hope you’ll respond to my challenge by posting a comment.

Well, c’mon, sister! It’s time to get to the garden. See you there!


Your sister,

Ready to be accountable? Post your answer to this question: What are the top 2 or 3 things that fill and replenish your soul?



Laurie Cole is the President of Priority Ministries and the author of six Bible studies for women: There is a Season, The Temple, Beauty by The Book, Beauty by The Book for Teens, Warrior Princess, and Are You a Disciple? A frequent speaker at women's events, find out how to invite Laurie to speak at your event.

13 comments on “Vegetable Garden Tour & Teaching

    judyfiest@frontier.com' Judy says:

    Things that replenish my soul are: taking walks, sewing, reading well written books. Thanks, Laurie, for the reminder to take time to replenish.

    Laurie Cole says:

    Thank YOU, Judy, for sharing and for reminding me of something else to add to my own list: sewing. God bless you!

    Fowlet@hotmail.com' Teri Crawford says:

    Dear Laurie,

    Thank you for the challenge to replenish! There are a few things that replenish me. I grew up keeping Sabbath on Saturday. Although I now attend services on Sunday…I find The quiet of a Saturday morning and quality time with the Lord in these moments not only replenish my soul to face the week…but I also desperately need this time of quiet connection. The other thing is getting away to the mountains at least once a year. I grew up in the Colorado Rockies and have so many times of retreat there. At least once a year, I try to get “home” to the mountains. The clean air, the smell of the mountains and the pine, the sound of the wind through the trees…even typing this brings peace to my soul. So those are my two things…Saturday morning meetings with the Lord and at least once a year going “home” to the mountains.

    Thank you again for your ministry to us! I enjoy your Front Porch Friday posts!!


    pmervine@verizon.net' Peggy says:

    Time alone – really alone – replenishes my soul. My niece has a vacation house in the country which I can use as my own when I am able to get away. I always feel refreshed and gain a new sense of direction when I take time to be with God without interruption.

    Laurie Cole says:

    Yes! Alone time is awesome, and I love that the Lord has given you a special place to revive your soul. Love to you, Peggy!

    sheryle@embarqmail.com' Sheryle Frederic says:

    1.I feel refreshed, replenished when I’ve done something creative concerning my home. It might be reorganizing a closet I’ve neglected or redecorating with seasonal placemats & napkins.
    2. When a scripture that I’ve read over and over speaks to me as if I’ve never read it before. Replenishes indeed!!

    Laurie Cole says:

    Loved your list, Sheryle. I just wish organizing closets was on my list. 🙂

    wandaveltman@yahoo.com' Wanda Veltman says:

    Working in my flower beds, sewing, and reading books are things I do to replenish my soul. When I am able, I love to sit and look at the water. Thank you for reminding me to do the things I need to do!

    Laurie Cole says:

    You’re a blessing, Wanda! Thanks for sharing.

    bksnell54@gmail.com' Beverly says:

    I love time away every spring with my travel buddies! We take a short trip (usually short) and rent a house where it can just be us! There are four of us ladies and we all look forward to getting away if only for three days or so.

    Organizing at home also replenishes me but I have to admit that I need to get some of that done right NOW!

    Love you Laurie!

    ecdedavis@frontier.com' Debra says:

    weekly I like to read not just my usual Bible chapter, but a bigger chunk to think on. Then I hear God real well for some reason, and it blesses my soul. Or I listen to a favorite preacher. We call it chapel time, reminds me of when I was a little girl and loved going to chapel at school on Wednesday morning. The other day I listened to chuck swindoll read Prv 2 and have been thinking about it all week.

    My get away for my hubby and I is the ocean, and we just found a new spot we are going to go explore, though Maine will always be our first love, it’s where we lived as newly weds in college.

    Once a year we attend a marriage conference, and a parenting conference to tune our instruments, or for sure I would sound like a screeching violin! eek!

    Thanks for the reminder Laurie. I’ll make sure I plan that ocean getaway. we are overdue. love you too 🙂

    debbie@owenstransport.com' Debbie says:

    Good morning Laurie…..just now answering as we’ve had grands since Friday till last night. (*!*)
    My coveted retreat is always, 1st choice, by the water. I grew up spending, from Mar-Oct, my weekends & summers at a little tiny bay house in San Leon. From the peacefulness of the waves lapping onto the shoreline, rattling the tiny shells, to the 4foot waves crashing into the banks….my inner peace came from knowing my God was in control. And it was always right in tune with my life of hills & valleys to mountains & depths of the ocean.
    Today though, (because I have a “landlubber” hubby), my quiet time is in the woods at our place in the country. Sometimes I’m sitting on a tractor, mowing, & other times it’s sitting in a deer stand just watching & hearing Gods creation move, sing, chatter & chirp about.
    And always…..I LOVE having a garden & getting my hands & feet into the soil that’s gives life……
    Actually, all 3 places are the givers of life & seeing the renewal of it, continually, just blesses my soul. From the tiniest to the biggest of Gods critters being reborn is a constant reminder that “all things will be made new”.
    And, Always,……our home, sweet, home blesses me every single day & I Thank God, every single day, for His Mighty hand in it all.
    Luv ya girl…….send new pics of the new little doll baby……our last “babies” are all 3, 6 now. Guess we have to wait for the greats now❣

    Dear Laurie: YOU replenish my soul with your sweet spirit and straight forwardness/realness! Was so blessed to see you “live” one time with James and Betty Robison in Euless, TX! My soul is replenished by writing and sending cards, and books of encouragement when I know it will speak to them in their circumstance. I like to cook so I enjoy taking food to people they are unable to prepare at the moment, or having someone alone join me in my home for a meal that is a little special – even if I have to bring them here.(I need veggies from your garden!) Playing piano for seniors in facilities is refreshing to my soul. Prior to any of this however, is my special alone time with worship music, the Word, journaling, intercession, and listening for that still small voice of the Holy Spirit for that day and/or my next assignment. He restores my soul.

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